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Welcome to Hearing Health Services!

Welcome to Hearing Health Services!

Serving our community with quality hearing care since 1999

Hearing Health Services is a highly respected private audiology practice in Coupeville, Washington, owned and managed by Kristine Jarrell, Au.D. From children to veterans, Dr. Jarrell specializes in counseling individuals and families to identify and cope with hearing loss. She provides a full range of audiological services including prevention, diagnosis, tailored treatment options and personalized aftercare.

Dr. Jarrell is dedicated to providing her patients with affordable, customized solutions using state-of-the-art technology in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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Receive a $25 Visa gift card when your referred friend or family member visits our office for a free hearing consultation.

Thank you to all of our patients and friends who attended our 2015 Patient Appreciation Day! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed having you stop by!

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Our Service Excellence Sets Us Apart

Dr. Jarrell is committed to patient satisfaction by delivering value that is measured not just by price, but by providing an exceptional personalized experience with honesty and integrity.

Additional Value

  • Risk-free 3 week Hearing Aid trial - Ask us about details
  • Free Hearing screening and consultation
  • Up to 3-year Hearing aid warranty with purchase – both loss and damage
  • Up to 3 years of batteries with purchase
  • Free Hearing aid cleanings
  • Free demonstration of current technology - Come visit us!


  • Accepts major insurance plans – Preferred provider status for most
  • Financing Available
  • Military discount

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Why our patients love us

We are dedicated to helping our patients hear their best. Read some of our recent testimonials.

Steve: I was given a referral to Dr. Jarrell over eight years ago and told she was the very best audiologist on Whidbey Island. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 15 years and struggled to find a doctor who could truly help me with various issues. When I met Dr. Jarrell, I finally found someone that understands my specific hearing loss and knew what to do about it.

I am very happy with her professionalism. A lot of doctors just try to sell you hearing aids and don’t try to make sure you get the best ones for your specific hearing loss. Dr. Jarrell really cared about what my particular issues were and determined that my previous hearing aids didn’t match my type of hearing loss, which was why I had so many problems with them. She was really pleasant working with me to try and find exactly what I needed. She determined that I only had certain frequencies that were damaged, and then she zeroed in on a hearing aid that only amplifies my specific loss. Unfortunately my wife’s voice was in my dead zone!

As we all know, communication is extremely important in all aspects of our lives. The whole problem with loss of sound and hearing is that if you can’t communicate, you start to isolate and withdraw. You don’t get into social situations and you withdraw from people, and it also affects others. It’s hard to know who gets more frustrated – the person with loss or the person trying to communicate with them. You really lose your quality of life. When Dr. Jarrell helped fix my hearing issues, I was able to consistently hear my wife, and you know the saying…”Happy wife, Happy life!”

Teresa: I think we go to more things now. We used to only go to loud things like football games so he could hear, now we can go to plays and concerts. When we go to nice restaurants with friends he can carry on a great conversation across the table. Even our church attendance has increased as he can hear the pastor so clearly now. It’s an amazing difference. We really love her as our doctor, she’s had a big impact on our lives.

Steve: You just can’t explain how great it is to actually be able to hear. Since I’ve been going to Dr. Jarrell it has truly changed my life – both of our lives - for the better. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else and I try to tell as many people as I can about her!

Steve and Teresa S.

"I had been wearing my hearing aids for a long while, and was starting to notice that I couldn’t adjust them well any more. I knew someone who was a representative of a hearing aid manufacturer, and they highly recommended that I visit Dr. Kristine Jarrell, as she had a great reputation for quality and integrity.

She was very knowledgeable about the latest in hearing aid technology and demonstrated what it could do for me – it seemed like everything but serve my coffee! She was very thorough in explaining every detail and if I didn’t understand, we reviewed it again. I was full of questions and she was very patient to make sure I understood. I was really happy that she carried different brands of products, I wasn’t limited to just one choice. I really didn’t feel I was pushed into a purchase - I was satisfied about everything I needed to know before I made my final decision, and I’ve been really pleased with the results.

I have to say that she is not only thorough, but very warm and caring. I really trust her to do the right thing for me and I actually enjoy visiting her in her office. She has become another friend to me and I’ve highly recommended her to my friends and family, and I’ve had positive feedback from their experiences with Dr. Jarrell as well. She’s a great doctor!"

~ Trevor A.

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